Part of our Shahi Mosaic Collection, The Noor Tandoor has a forward leaning design. 

  • The Noor Tandoor’s forward leaning design makes it easy to remove naan bread.
  • Creates a unique and energetic dining experience.
  • Each oven can be tiled by our in-house design team  or left untiled to add your own design.

The Shahi Tandoor in house design team has come up with yet another innovative clay oven unit. A cross between the original Shahi Tandoor and the Shahi Taftoon, the Noor Tandoor has the advantage of being forward leaning in design. Naan breads can be easily removed once cooked and the larger clay surface area increases productivity. The Shahi Noor Tandoor is as pleasing to the eye as it is functional. The stylish mosaic finish which is optional, enhances the décor of any restaurant and elevates the dining experience.


The Shahi Tandoor has been BSI inspected and CE approved to conform with all the various EEC gas supplies.


The Shahi Tandoor is available in LPG gas. This enables the oven to be transported outside the kitchen where many customers prefer to use them for outdoor catering etc.

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