Considerable thought and research has been applied to produce the Fornagi. Ideal for the home, the Fornagi will not only enable you to cook a huge range authentic dishes, it will also enhance your garden visually. The versatile Fornagi is able to bake, roast and even grill; its use is only limited by your imagination.

The Fornagi is fired by wood or charcoal, giving the food prepared in it a unique
aromatic flavour. Its wood fired nature also provides an impressive aesthetic effect. The base is made from stone giving our oven, an authentic stone baked quality.

The dome of the oven is cast in clay which has the unique property of absorbing thermal shock as well as offering   maximum  strength and insulation. The distinctive clay dome is designed in such way to allow the semicircular access aperture to remain open when cooking giving maximum visual impact.

The oven comes supplied with:

-Front aperture cover

-Set of 3 Pizza paddles

-Maintenance kit and instructions


The Fornagi is designed to fit in the domestic garden setting

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