Tandoor Domestic

We produce a special domestic version of our Shahi Tandoor for the use within the home,

  • Stylishly contoured design
  • Easy clean moulded top surface allows unit to sit flush against rear wall
  • Low operation cost due to efficient insulation between clay pot and stainless steel frame
  • Inner pot made with special in-house clay mix for maximum thermal shock
  • Unit is mobile with heavy duty swivel castor wheels
  • Available in natural gas or LPG (bottled gas)

 The Shahi Tandoor Deluxe is ergonomically designed so the top surface allows the unit to sit flush against the wall. The advantage of this is that food debris is prevented from falling behind the oven, so its easier to clean. The Shahi Tandoor Deluxe is still as efficient to cook with as the Classic but its sleek and contoured frame makes it a pleasure to look at too.

Unit is mobile with heavy duty swivel castors.

* - Product can be custom made to measure.


The Shahi Tandoor has been BSI inspected and CE approved to conform with all the various EEC gas supplies. Our ovens are also NSF and UL Canada approved conforming to both US and Canadian regulations respectively.


The Shahi Tandoor is also available in LPG gas. This enables the oven to be transported outside the kitchen where many customers prefer to use them for outdoor catering etc.

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