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At Clay Oven Company we are extremely excited about the launch of our Brazilian Rotisserie Grill the ClayOven Churrasco. Our engineers have over 40 years experince in fabricating the highest quality Churrascos from the home of the Brazilian Gaucho, South Brazil. This plus our established grill manufacturing acumen ensures our ClayOven Churrasco is the best functioning and most durable on the market.

Like all our grills, our ClayOven Churrasco boasts

  • Instant gas-fired cooking.
  • An even heat distribution system.
  • The unique option to add solid fuel, charcoal or lump wood for that extra aroma and taste
  • Ease of installation
  • Ease of use
  • Being free of maintenance 

Are units can be custom made to your specification


The ClayOven Churrasco is CE approved to conform with all various gas supplies. 


Free standing on fixed/wheel castors or fabricated as a drop in unit.

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