The Yakatori Grill is the cousin of the Robata Flame Grill, athough originally designed for Japanese skewer cooking it is adaptable for many styles.

  • A cooking depth of 210mm
  • Intense heat needed for Japanese Yakatori cooking. 
  • Bar heights designed for fast but controlled cooking.
  • Designed to your size and specifications. 

The Clay Oven Company are happy to introduce the Yakatori Grill.  This Grill has been uniquely desiged for searing Yakatori style cooking.


The Yakatori has been BSI inspected and CE approved to conform with all the various EEC gas supplies. Our ovens are also NSF and UL Canada approved conforming to both US and Canadian regulations respectively.


The Yakatori is a fixed unit available in,
  • Countersunk
  • Table-mounted

It is also available in LPG gas.


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