Tandoor Classic

The Shahi Tandoor has undergone over 30 years of extensive research and development.

  • The pots are made with a special in-house clay mix for maximum thermal shock resistance.
  • Low operation cost due to efficient insulation and balanced burner combustion.
  • Shahi Tandoor is easy to operate and maintain.
  • Unit is mobile with heavy duty swivel castors.
  • Available in natural gas or LPG (Bottled gas)

Tandoori cooking began with the nomadic tribes in the Steppes of Central Asia and was brought by the Monghul rulers to India.

The Clayoven Group through research and development of the centuries-old principle of baking in such ovens, offers todays taste and health-conscious consumer its modern version of the tandoor. Being the UKs oldest established tandoori oven manufacturer the Clayoven Group have been influential in the grand development of the Asian restaurant trade.

During our updated clay manufacturing process the clay pots are fired to stone hardness to withstand thermal shock. This enhances the life span of our unique Shahi Tandoor thus compared to traditional tandoori ovens which are replaced every 12-24 months the Clayoven Group provides an oven whose life span is measured in years not months.

The wide range of sizes available respond to both domestic, bakery and restaurant requirements.

The gas fired Shahi Tandoor is cleaner and easier to operate than the original charcoal fired Shahi Tandoor from which it was developed. The strategically positioned lava stones over the heat source give the authentic charcoal broiled flavour to the food being cooked.

* - Product can be custom made to measure.


The Shahi Tandoor has been BSI inspected and CE approved to conform with all the various EEC gas supplies. Our ovens are also NSF and UL Canada approved conforming to both US and Canadian regulations respectively.


The Shahi Tandoor is also available in LPG gas. This enables the oven to be transported outside the kitchen where many customers prefer to use them for outdoor catering etc.

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