The Secret

The Secret is in the Clay

What separates the Clay Oven Group from other companies offering similar products is that not only are our ovens in-house designed, fabricated and tested at our 20,000 sq ft factory in Park Royal, London UK- ensuring we produce the highest quality and most reliable ovens on the market. All our ovens are made with an element of clay.

The benefits of cooking in clayovens were realized by the most ancient of civilizations. Evidence suggests that the use of clayovens dates back over 6 000 years to the cradle of civilization. From the Hittite Empire to the Pharos and right through to the development of modern day cuisine, clay ovens have been used to create delicious food.

The Clay Oven Group have taken this ancient cooking facility and adapted it for the modern kitchen environment.

Clay's natural insulating and heat distribution properties makes it an ideal component in the cooking process.

The above diagram illustrates how clay enables heat to reflect evenly throughout the clayoven thus eliminating cold spots and cooking food to perfection.

Clay's natural insulating properties can also help you pay the bills and reduce your carbon foot print. "How can this be?" Heat is retained more efficiently in a clayoven thus reducing your energy costs plus the light weight nature of clay makes transportation and installation a great deal easier when compared to brick/stone ovens.

One of the key benefits of a clay oven is that heat is distributed evenly so food is cooked to perfection in a dry a humid free atmosphere

"But doesn't clay crack?" Yes indeed raw clay does crack but at the Clay Oven Group we mix our own clay and have developed a unique patented clay firing process, enabling our clay ovens to withstand high temperature fluctuations and heavy usage without cracking- making them the most durable on the market.