About Us

The Clay Oven Company is the leading manufacturer of Grills, tandoors, stone hearth pizza ovens. For over 44 years we've been supplying our high quality clay ovens and commercial grills to the restaurant, hotel and catering trade, worldwide.

Established in 1974 by Mr Antony Gulian, the Clay Oven Group holds the accolade of being the first mass producers of clay ovens throughout a region that spans several continents. Bringing to the market the world famous and highly respected Shahi Tandoor® which has been hugely influential in the western development of the Asian restaurant trade.

Over the years as the family run company has expanded, new products have emerged from our award winning in-house design team. This has resulted in the Clay Oven Group becoming leading manufacturers of stone-hearth cooking equipment; clay pit flame grills and bespoke speciality ovens.

Having manufactured catering equipment since 1974, we understand the competitive nature of the restaurant business - that's why we constantly evolve our cooking equipment to help give our clients a competitive edge. From the Mosaic Tandoor Collection, to the Clayburn Pizza Oven range and Robata Flame Grill - our products have helped develop theatre cooking, re-defining the front-of-house dining experience.

Clayovens Timeline

1974 - Mr Gulian successfully launches the company in London bring to the market the Shahi Tandoor™.
1988 - The Clay Oven Group launch the Clayburn Pizza Oven. The first manufactures to bring to the market, gas and solid fuel combined stone hearth ovens.
2000 - The Clayburn Pizza Oven evolved into a product that attracted a large range of clientele from large restaurant and hotel chains to small independent establishments.
2006 - Lauch of the Robata Flame Grill® with the Clay Oven Group suppling Roka Akor, and Zuma.
2009 - After learning to weld at the age of 12 and helping out in the company when not at school Mr Gulian's son Levon (named after the drummer from The Band) who qualified as a medical Doctor decided to swap his stephascope with the more familiar welding torch and officially begin his journey in the company.
2010 - Levon takes over as director of the company. Several new products were launched including the Mosaic Tandoor, Asado and Tower Grill ranges.

Many new clients start to enjoying the benefits of cooking and grilling on their Clay Oven equipment.
2018 - The Clay Oven Group move into their new
33,000 sq ft London Factory and HQ.